The post-plastic economy


A new white paper from Plastic Free outlines the financial risks of continuing to use plastic. The first half of this report summarises the problems caused by plastics before detailing the financial threats their continued use are likely to cause. The real strength of this guide is in the second half which provides clear guidance on actions that can be taken to drive organisations toward a plastic free future. Design is recognised for its important place in this transition. Sian Sutherland, the CEO of Platic Planet and Plastic Free hails the report as ‘a siren call, a rallying cry to the entire creative industry empowering them to rethink systems and materials.’ Going beyond offering general advice the report also includes information on plastic alternative materials and their relevance for specific design problems. The paper also includes case studies from pioneering organsitions that have developed wide-ranging strategies to reduce their dependence on virgin fossil plastics. The white paper is available from Plastic Free.